Veteran Avenue

1978. On vacation from England, eight-year-old John Frears is befriended by a stranger in the Oregon wilderness and stolen away from his parents. After a bizarre hour spent in a log cabin, he is sent back with a picture of a young girl. 

2013. Since leaving the military, John Frears has been drifting, unable to settle. Then he gets word that a funeral is taking place in Los Angeles. Donnie Chester, fellow veteran of the first Gulf War, has been shot dead. They barely knew each other but it's a good excuse to visit the States. He can pay his respects then go sightseeing. It is a simple plan, in keeping with his life to date. 

But his life is about to become more complicated than he could ever imagine ...

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ITV News report, broadcast 18th October 2017

"From actor to author - Mark Pepper's story"

Praise for my two previous novels, published hardcover by Hodder & Stoughton and paperback by New English Library:


The Short Cut

"Mark Pepper has had the good sense to write what he knows. It's a tight, readable debut, with some good sarky dialogue and a few choice insights into the actor's world."

London Time Out

Man on a Murder Cycle

"This is a highly entertaining novel, with a neat, smart plot, some perfectly-executed set-pieces and a fine sense of the ridiculous ... Mark Pepper is a writer to watch."

London Time Out


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