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The Short Cut 

Paperback 291 pages          ISBN: 0340682213     

Hardback 230 pages           ISBN: 0340682205


Published hardback by Hodder & Stoughton in 1996 and paperback by Hodder's New English Library in 1997. (No longer in print.)


When Nathan Lake won a place at RADA, he reckoned he was halfway to Hollywood. Twelve years later, he's out of work, bitter, broke, and alone.
Not to worry, because Conrad Dreave is in town, and Conrad Dreave can fix things.
He calls himself an agent, but he's so much more.
He won't take commission. But he will take his cut.

Praise for THE SHORT CUT
"Mark Pepper has had the good sense to write what he knows. It's a tight, readable debut, with some good sarky dialogue and a few choice insights into the actor's world."
London Time Out
"A first-class piece of fast-paced sexy horror."
"A speedy, scary and sexy thriller told with great style and wit. Suspend your disbelief and enjoy the ride!"
Lancashire Evening Post 
"A chilling tale of temptation and the devil. Imaginative stuff."
Manchester Evening News 
"Mark Pepper is a new author to watch out for."
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 
"A modern tale of Faustian sex and designer horror. Highly appealing."
The Bookseller 
"Mark Pepper is a funny guy. Not often do I come across a horror novel that induces me to laugh so hard there are actual tears soaking my cheeks. The Short Cut is one such novel ... It cracks along at a terrific pace ... Pepper loads the narrative with an insider's view of the industry almost as fascinating as the plot itself. Characterisations are sharp and effective, and his dry wit supremely enjoyable ... Mark Pepper has made a wonderful, buoyant, and very different contribution to the genre."
Richard Wright - from an internet bookstore review
"I love Mark Pepper's books, his writing is creative and intelligent and although he no longer writes such dark and twisted stories, his latest book, thriller "Veteran Avenue" is a fantastic novel and should not be missed. I would unequivocally recommend Mark Pepper and any of his books, I've read them all now and really do hope for more in the future!"
4-Star Amazon review
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