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All About MOI

Heartbeat, S12 E5, 2002

Night-shoot, as Scudamore, escaped bank robber and Lulu kidnapper

Acting Credits

TV PRODUCTION                         ROLE                          DIRECTOR                       COMPANY

Departure Lounge                       Lead                          Richard Heeley                     BBC
Coronation Street                    Pete Crew                    Eugene Ferguson                 Granada
Heartbeat                             Scudamore                     Noreen Kershaw                 Yorkshire
Where The Heart Is                     Robbie                          Jan Sargent                       Yorkshire 
The Royal                            Gerry Hanrahan                   Keith Boak                     Yorkshire
Playing The Field                        Nick                           Andy Margetson                    BBC
Shipman                             Ronald Pickford                  Roger Bamford                 Yorkshire
Coronation Street                       Buyer                            David Kester                    Granada
Where The Heart Is                Social Worker                     Alan Dossor                        Anglia
Always & Everyone                      Rufus                          Nick Laughland                  Granada     
Rhinoceros                             Malcolm                         David Tucker                      Granada
The Cater Street Hangman      Constable Benn                   Sarah Hellings                 Yorkshire
Dalziel & Pascoe                    Raymond Easey                    Ed Bennett                       BBC

The Wanderer                           Zed                            Rick Stroud                          Sky

Coronation Street                       Josh                            Brian Mills                       Granada

Dead Men’s Tales                        Lead                            Mandy Dickinson            WestCountry

Once Upon A Time In The North PC Cuthbertson               Malcolm Mowbray                  BBC            

Prime Suspect                          Police Officer                    David Drury                    Granada

Pie In The Sky                           DC Painter                       Colin Gregg                       BBC

Head Over Heels                          Ted                          Graham Theakston                 Carlton

Heartbeat                               Mod Leader                      Roger Cheveley                  Yorkshire

Angels                                      Danny                         Philip Saville                   Granada Films

Van Der Valk                          Kees Slutters                    Herbie Wise                     Thames

In Suspicious Circumstances       Waiter                            June Howson                   Granada

Love Hurts                               Student                           Guy Slater                           BBC


Click below to see my showreel. The quality ain't great at times. I'm talking about the video playback, dahling, not the acting.




Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in Drama - Manchester Metropolitan University


Diploma in Acting - Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA)


BA (Hons) in History - Royal Holloway College, University of London




HB me lead.jpg
HB me lulu 1.jpg
HB me lulu 2.jpg
HB me duncan.jpg

Heartbeat, S1 E1. 1992

Mod Leader, scaring a bunch of rockers with my sneer

About to pee on the Aidensfield Arms fire

Pestering a rocker's girlfriend

Time for a headbutt

Nick Berry is watching

About to get arrested by PC Rowan

Departure Lounge - BBC 1, 2005

On location in Malaga's old town

Head Over Heels - Carlton TV, 1993 

HoH .jpg

Prime Suspect 3 - BBC, 1993

Ted, leader of the ... Teds

Dead Men's Tales (Drop to Disaster) - WestCountry TV, 1994.

On location as lead character Stuart

On location in Manchester with Tom Bell - again!

Angels - Granada Films, 1992


On location in Blackpool. Acting with the legendary Tom Bell and Warren Clarke. Also Alfred Molina, James Purefoy, and Louise Lombard (my girlfriend in the film)

newspaper article Angels.jpg
ang 2.jpg
Ang 1.jpg
ang 3.jpg

Trafford Tanzi - Duke's Playhouse, Lancaster, 1990


First professional production after leaving RADA.


Spot the joke about me getting the wrong mic.

Family Album - RADA, 1989

I STILL look like this. Oh yeah.

Extremities - RADA Prize Fights, 1988

I STILL look like this. Oh yeah.

Manchester, 2019. Thirty years a vegan! Ya don't need meat, folks!

trux at nite.jpg

On the artics. One of my many previous lives as a trucker.

Los Alcazares, 2018

Tandem skydive from 14,000 feet, Black Knights Parachute Centre, 2005

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