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Man on a Murder Cycle


Paperback 404 pages          ISBN: 0340696249  

Hardback 404 pages           ISBN: 0340696230


First edition, published hardback by Hodder & Stoughton in 1997 and paperback by Hodder's New English Library in 1998. (No longer in print.)

Tom Roker’s debut thriller was an instant bestseller. Since then, he has written four more books, none of which have been published. Sadly, his talent was a brief illusion.

Now, finally, he’s making a comeback. Man on a Murder Cycle is a blockbuster. The dark tale of Milton, a vengeful biker with a penchant for brutal acts of violence, perfectly recaptures the mood of Roker’s first novel.

It’s just a shame he didn’t write it.

But the real author is dead, and Roker has covered his tracks, so the trivial matter of who wrote what can be overlooked.

Until a mad man on a big bike starts killing people, exactly as described in the stolen novel – even those scenes that didn’t make the final cut.



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Man on a Murder Cycle


Paperback 495 pages                ISBN: 978-1915433060

Kindle edition 505 pages           ISBN: 978-1915433121

Second edition, revised and updated, published by Red Dog Press in 2023. (No longer in print.)






For the second edition:

The Irresponsible Reader by HC Newton

Man on a Murder Cycle by Mark Pepper: Move Over SAMCROW, You’ve Got Nothing on This Biker

A Knight's Reads

Man On A Murder Cycle by Mark Pepper @pepsixsix @reddogtweets #bookreview 

For the first edition:

"This is a highly entertaining novel, with a neat, smart plot, some perfectly-executed set-pieces and a fine sense of the ridiculous... Mark Pepper is a writer to watch."

London Time Out

"Fast and compelling... highly readable and well-plotted, Pepper has written about the unbelievable with conviction and a nice dash of ambivalence."

City Life

"Pepper has a distinct take on horror... Man on a Murder Cycle builds on the promising debut of The Short Cut. A very talented writer."

SFX Magazine

"Man on a Murder Cycle is a very clever action thriller, full of twists and turns, skilfully handled, and singles out Mark Pepper as a talent to keep an eye on."

Neil Johnstone of Waterstones Booksellers in the Edinburgh Evening Telegraph

"A book which will keep you glued to the edge of your seat."

Peterborough Evening Telegraph

"Author or actor, the future looks bright for Mr Pepper."

East Anglian Daily Times

"A pacy, scary thriller that oozes tension."

South Wales Argus

"Man on a Murder Cycle is a fast read... entertaining to the last. An assured offering: a peal of heavy-metal thunder!"


"The opening grabbed me right from the start... from then on it takes a curious turn; you are unsure whether it is a supernatural thriller or the story of a lunatic out for revenge. I shall not say, as the fun is in the reading... Mark Pepper has something of a Hutson-esque turn to his descriptions of gruesome happenings. If you like Shaun Hutson, give this one a go, you will be pleasantly surprised."


Excerpts from Amazon reviews:

"Goodness, what a book! I thoroughly enjoyed it from the very first page where we meet one of the main characters and what transpires to be the main focus of the story... With the supernatural element and a little horror mixed in at times I could easily have been reading a Stephen King novel. The author's writing skills are second to none and he knows exactly how to engage the reader with his fast paced chapters, unexpected twists and turns and the right amount of supernatural elements to keep you on your toes... Mark Pepper is an actor turned author who has a remarkable writing talent and I will certainly be looking out for more work by him in the future. A fabulous 5 stars and then some!"

"This is an exhilarating, horrifying, and tantilising thriller-horror novel. It's very well written, clearly by a novelist who understands structure and how to build tension and expectation in the reader. There's a seam of sardonic humour throughout, which does not undermine the thrill or horror aspects."

"Exceptional may be a better word. Mark Pepper has written a great book that really does send a chill up your spine. The story of revenge from beyond the grave is not original but the way in which Mr Pepper has written this certainly makes it seem so. If you are a fan of thriller/chillers, you couldn't do much better than this."

"Bleeding marvellous. I read The Short Cut and then this - while The Short Cut is good, this book is obviously where the author's passions lie -it's very polished, slick, moves quickly and consistently with some nice evil twists. It sucks you into the viewpoint of the hero/antihero in a similar way to Red Dragon and you can start to understand and empathize with the main character. Very involving, a very good read."

"An old-school horror/thriller, brilliantly written and plotted. Reminds me of Stephen King at the height of his powers. Characters are sharply drawn... It's dark and not for the faint-hearted, yet it has a blackly comic undertone that makes you smile when you probably shouldn't. Really enjoyable with plot twists aplenty. Highly recommended."

"This is a messed up read, is this a supernatural killer on the loose or is there someone most definitely alive and kicking behind these murders? It kept me guessing all the way! It’s brutal with a thoroughly dislikable lead! Great thriller!"


​"Original storyline, wacky characters, frankly weird and wonderful shenanigans which kept the pace racing ahead, and it was pretty obvious that Mark Pepper had as much fun writing this as I had reading it."


In response to a GoodReads request asking: “What’s the best book you’ve read so far this year, and how did you discover or decide to read it?”

“Man on a murder cycle by @WritermanMark . I found it in a second hand book shop and loved it so much i bought a copy for my brother, he is dyslexic bullied at school because of it and vowed never to pick a book up again. He loved it and now has a new found love of books.”

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